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Serving food you cooked yourself for an event is great, but what if the dishes were made by some of the most talented chefs in the world? Deli House Catering can give you that and more with our professional catering services! 

Deli House Catering is a catering service company that provides people with the taste of different cuisines around the world. There are a lot of ‘hidden gems’ when it comes to food and our company is excited to share with you our knowledge of the culinary world.

Who we are

Deli House Catering was founded 10 years ago by a group of friends who were interested in the culinary industry and saw the potential of establishing a business that’s in line with their passion.  

That was when Deli House Catering started getting more clients because the excellence of what we do shows in every dish we cook and serve. 

When it comes to our staff, Deli House Catering is composed of chefs who came from different parts of the world and have studied various culinary techniques. Aside from our chefs, our helpers who assist us in setting everything up are also experts in the industry. They’re knowledgeable about the different table setups and which one to use for a certain event. 

What we do

Deli House Catering specializes in providing catering services to any type of event. Our company believes that to provide a memorable occasion, the guests must also be satisfied with the dishes that we serve them. That’s why we have different food packages that you can choose from to suit your preference. 

On another note, we are committed to providing well-cooked and freshly made dishes so you and your guests can enjoy the food in their best condition. We always make sure that all the food we serve is guaranteed safe and fresh so you can have nothing but the best experience.

Our goal

Our goal is to instil in the minds of people that catering services can deliver freshly made dishes with top quality taste. We want Deli House Catering to be known all around the world since our chefs are knowledgeable about different foods as well.

As much as possible, we want to extend our manpower and possibly reach a wider audience. When the time comes that more people know about our catering service, we can establish a store in other countries to spread the excellent services we provide.

Our customers

Deli House Catering is always open to customer feedback and suggestions because this is how we can improve our services and determine the problem we need to solve. Our website has a suggestion box where you can leave ratings and comments regarding our services and food. 

With this, you can help us come up with better solutions and keep our company running. It will also help us create some changes in our company and improve further. 

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