I have always felt that a caterer should completely adhere to the true definition of the title, “to cater to one’s needs”. This to me, means that my business should always strive to fulfill and deliver to our clients wishes completely.

In 1993 we started with the acquisition of a small sandwich deli in the heart of he growing community of Newmarket. Through our growing customer base’s suggestions and demand, the decision was made to convert to a full service catering company. This transition was completed within two years’ time.

I have two common traits that have allowed me to operate successfully for the last sixteen years, fresh wholesome food and unparalleled planning and service. All details are personally taken care of to ensure that our clients are satisfied. Due to this philosophy, I have had the privilege to serve the needs of some of the community leaders with great success. Although we still may be known to some of our clients as “that little deli that grew”, we are fully capable of delivering on our promise to any size function.