Deli House Catering: Buffet catering for your party

Deli House Catering: Buffet catering for your party

When it comes to organizing parties, one of the most important things to consider is the menu. Whatever food you’ll be serving at the event should be delicious and can be enjoyed by your guests. However, plated meals can somehow be limiting for them. 

Let Deli House Catering organize the party for you! There’s nothing to worry about because we’ll do all the heavy lifting so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your party. Our team organizes the best banquets that your guests will surely enjoy. We serve delectable food through a buffet-style system to keep a wide range of selection for the people attending the party. 

The benefits of catered buffet

There are various reasons why you should consider having a buffet-style catering for your next party. The experience is drastically different compared to a plated meal and it’s often for a good reason. Here are some of the benefits of having your party catered with a buffet: 

Wide range of selection to choose from

A buffet-style catering offers guests a variety of dishes that they can choose from. There are meat and fish dishes, vegetarian options, and other delectable dishes that people will surely like. This isn’t possible with plated meals because it limits the guests to only a pre-selected menu that they may not like. 

Leniency with dietary restrictions

There’s a chance that a few of your guests have dietary restrictions. It may be because of food allergies, a strict diet regimen, or cultural reasons. Whatever the reason may be, it would be respectful to give them food options that can cater to these restrictions. 

It’ll be a hassle to address their food requirements when serving plated food because the catering will have to cook a separate dish for them. However, buffet-style catering solves this problem because they can cook alternative dishes that cater to these restrictions. Additionally, the other guests can try the dish if they want to. 


Plated meals can be quite expensive because each meal is prepared and served to the guests. This can take a lot of manpower that can eat up your food budget. On the other hand, preparing a buffet-style meal is a lot less expensive because the dishes are cooked in large volumes. Moreover, the dishes don’t have to be served right at each guest’s table which can cut your cost for additional staff. 

Dishes are personalized for each guest

Buffet-style catering enables your guests to get the food on their own. Having the freedom to choose the food on their own allows your guests to personalize their plates. They can have a small portion of each food or just go with dishes that make them comfortable. Moreover, guests can get second servings without the guilt in buffet-style dining. 

Guest can interact with each other

Parties are a place where people get together to mingle and socialize. Queueing in line for a buffet enables your guests to meet other people from different tables. This can be an avenue for small talk or heartfelt conversations.